Whatever else you can say about Microsoft Windows 8, the operating system seems to generate a large amount of passion. TechRepublic members are particularly polarized by Windows 8. Many members love Windows 8 and just as many, and possibly more, or perhaps they are just more vocal, despise it.

In early June 2013, sister-site ZDNet held a Great Debate on Windows 8:

Can Windows 8.1 re-start Windows 8?

Ed Bott and Adrian Kingsley-Hughes debated the merits of Windows 8.1 and discussed what the update to Windows 8 means for the overall success of the operating system and for Microsoft’s strategy. The moderator, Lawrence Dignan gave a slight edge to Ed’s “I am for yes” side of the argument.

Reality sets in

I tend to agree with Ed Bott on this matter – Windows 8.1 and the versions that will roll out over the years will continue to improve and tweak Windows 8 and the debate on whether enterprises should use Windows 8 at some point will become moot. Windows 8, for better or worse, is Microsoft’s operating system. Sooner or later, businesses are going to be forced to come to grips with that fact.

I know there will be some ranting in the discussion following this blog post denouncing Microsoft and Windows 8. I know that many of the ranting members will declare their intention to adopt Linux or Mac OS or vow to stick with Windows XP forever, etc. Most of that will be bluster to be taken with a grain of salt.

Most certainly, some members will be able to change to another operating system. But for most IT pros that is just not practical. Windows 8 is the reality that information professionals are going to be dealing with in the future. It is time to face it – Windows 8 is the operating system you need to know and understand. It is the operating system you need to be able to deploy.


I know many are going to disagree with my premise, but I’m not sure how many. So, I think we should find out where TechRepublic members stand on Windows 8. Take the poll, tell your friends to take it too, and will get as large of a sample as we can muster.

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