This week we witnessed the first round in the battle of the executive Steves. In Steve Jobs proclaims the post-PC era has arrived, Apple’s executive suggested that in the future we will be using tablets to do the work typical done on the PC now. While Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, in What tablets? Steve Ballmer sees a future with a lot more PCs, answered the tablet challenge with a declaration of his own, saying that the PC market is a growing and robust market.

I think that some of this seeming rift is really a matter of semantics, in that, what we define as a PC is really a moving target – whether you are talking about an Apple iPad, a Microsoft Kin, or a HP Notebook, you are still talking about a computing device.

Does the form factor really matter anymore? If three people are calculating their mortgage payments, one on a desktop PC, one on an Apple iPad, and one on a calculator, does it make a difference in the end what device they used? Can’t they all exist and work effectively at the same time?

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