Laptops have been outselling desktop computers for a couple years now, but I still know a lot of workers who prefer a desktop when it’s time to get serious work done.

I count myself in that camp — mostly because I prefer to work with a large monitor (or multiple monitors), but also because I like to select a keyboard and a mouse to maximize productivity and I typically have other peripherals to attach so I need the extra ports. Of course, I also regularly use a laptop when I’m traveling or working from home, so that means I have to manage my files and configurations in way that makes it easy to switch between machines.

That can be a hassle, and that’s why I know an increasing number of people who just work from their laptop so that they don’t have worry about switching between separate systems. Since today’s laptops are nearly as powerful as desktops, you don’t really losing anything by sticking with a laptop. And, with USB docking stations and DisplayLink, laptops easily add extra monitors and ports.

Which option do you prefer?  I know there are many of you who have both a laptop and desktop. For this poll, select the one you use the most to get your work done.

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