I was born and raised in Louisville, KY (pronounced Lou-a-vull by us locals). And, as a consequence, I am quite familiar with the Kentucky Derby and the two weeks of activities, known as the Kentucky Derby Festival, that proceed the fastest two minutes in sports. During this two-week period, we race everything from rodents, to steamboats, to hot air balloons.

So in that spirit, and since I will be out of the office Friday to go to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Oaks day of races, I thought we should do a poll this week based on speed.

During my time here at TechRepublic, I have noticed a near obsession among members regarding boot times for their PCs. For some reason, members never feel that their PCs boot as fast as they should. We have published several tips over the years suggesting ways to decrease boot times. So that got me to thinking, how fast should a PC boot — realistically? I mean, sure, we would all like instant boot times, but that is a horse of a different color, so to speak.

Personally, I think a boot time of under a minute is OK, but I get the distinct impression that I am in the minority. So, how fast should a PC boot? And by boot, I mean from the time you flip the switch to the time you can actually start using the PC. I want to include the behind-the-scene things that occur even after you login.

Oh, by the way, my wagers (subject to change) for the Kentucky Derby are Trifecta box 1, 16, 20 and a long-shot bet on 4. If you are planning to make a wager, good luck.

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