On May 10, 2012, I posted a simple, straightforward question in the Google in the Enterprise Blog on TechRepublic:

Are you using Google Hangouts for anything?

I wasn’t exactly sure what the response would be, but I anticipated there would be some mild use by TechRepublic members of the Google Hangout feature. After all, it is still a new feature that will take some time to work its way into more widespread use.

Well, the results tend to support my hypothesis. About a quarter of you are early adopters and have jumped into Google Hangouts feet first. The rest of the IT professionals on TechRepublic are taking a slower, more considered approach to this Google+ feature.

However, I am curious, for those using Google Hangouts, is it a good choice for meetings? TechRepublic has expanded international coverage and we are toying with the idea of Google Hangouts for our editorial meetings – do hangouts work for collaborative meetings?