For the past few years, I have been running a poll question about once a year asking TechRepublic members and Windows and Office Blog readers how much of their enterprise is currently running Microsoft Windows XP. I also ask what percentage is running Windows 7. The idea is to establish a trend of how fast IT professionals are migrating away from Windows XP now that it is nearing the end of its product life cycle.

Life cycle

I know, I know – “Windows XP still works and just because Microsoft deems it is time for a change doesn’t mean we have to do what they say.” Every time I run the poll, I get several of those arguments, but the fact remains that XP is on the way out – the writing is on the wall – it is inevitable.

According to a recent report from Dice, recruiting activity for Windows 7 pros is at an all-time high. That little tidbit indicates that we have seen, or will see soon, a measurable movement toward Windows 7 in the enterprise. So to test that theory, we revisit our poll questions. What is going out there – is your organization rolling out Windows 7 more now? Is Windows XP slowly but surely losing its hold?

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