Star Wars is no longer the most popular science fiction film ever made, at least according to a recent poll conducted by British science fiction magazine SFX (and reported by the BBC). While the floundering of George Lucas’ ubiquitous science fantasy franchise isn’t necessarily a surprise–at least not to anyone who saw any of the three prequel films–the new king of the geek mountaintop is turning heads: Serenity. A mildly successful, mid-budget sci-fi Western based on a TV show that was cancelled after a dozen or so episodes in 2002 is now the preferred SF flick of Brit fandom? What in the name of the Hollywood blockbuster is going on here?

Before we dig too deep into the analysis here, the poll only had about 3,000 respondents, and they put some rather suspicious candidates into the Top Ten finalists. (Back to the Future? Seriously?) Below is SFX’s final top ten, in order. You can, however, vote for your favorite on the list, and we’ll see exactly how much TR has in common with that particular slice of science fiction fans.