Technology is mainstream.

This campaign season TechRepublic has documented the role of technology in elections, politics, and policy. The next president of the United States will make major technology-related decisions that impact every sector of the economy, from healthcare to finance to consumer and corporate encryption and privacy.

“Tech definitely needs to be a part of the discourse when we choose the next president of the United States,” Robert Atkinson, founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, told CNET, because technology is “involved in almost every aspect of our lives.”

After the summer’s political conventions, to varying degree of detail, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton enumerated tech policy issues in stump speeches and on their respective websites. Of particular importance to SMBs and enterprise companies are issues related to cybersecurity, ICANN, STEM, H-1B visas, and innovation, and the economy.

In a recent interview a source for the Clinton campaign who wished to remain unnamed explained that the candidate’s team is particularly focused on how technology can help create jobs both in Silicon Valley, the “new Detroit,” and in cities across the United States, and provided CBS Interactive (TechRepublic’s parent company) with a tech policy document. The Trump campaign did not respond to numerous interview requests. During the New Hampshire primary in February, a Trump surrogate told TechRepublic the candidate would use technology to “bring prosperity” to small business in particular.

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