This past week I republished a 10 Things article from 2005 with the title: “10 Things You Should Still Do to Every Windows PC.” Among the suggestions contained in that list was a passing comment about installing iTunes. In 2005 iTunes was the music player almost everyone was using, but apparently something has changed since then.

Now, I am not a big fan of iTunes myself — it always felt kind of clunky to me — but it is what you use to keep the music on your iPods up to date. I think that sentiment is common and widely accepted. However, I received several comments in the discussion thread for that blog post suggesting iTunes should not be installed on any new PC.

That sentiment perplexed me for a second, but I began to wonder if the latest and greatest way to get digital music is via online services. In other words, the Apple iPod is on the decline, which would be a significant development. So, I thought it would be a good time to take a poll.

What application do you use to deliver music to your ears? Do you rely on the iPod or online services? And, if it is via an online service, do you pay a fee or are you content with the free version?