During the course of its run, the Product Spotlight Blog has reviewed several applications, both stand-alone and in the cloud, that offer convenient and efficient ways to redundantly store data. Applications and systems like SyncToy 2.1, MozyPro, Paragon Drive Backup 10 Workstation, Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, etc. provide several different, yet effective, methods for creating data backups that can be saved offsite. But how often are you taking advantage of these applications personally?

On a professional level, I would suspect the answer is quite different. In your professional capacity, I would expect backup systems to be standard operating procedure and that backups are performed on schedule and without hesitation. Does that discipline transfer to your personal systems? If you are like me, the data I store at home has become increasingly important — bank records, tax returns, contacts, etc — so backing that data up to some offsite storage only makes sense. So do you have the backup systems in place?

For the record, I have been lax lately; it has been more than a year since I did an offsite backup. But the plan is to do one immediately when I get home.

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