I read a blog post by Ken Hess, “Linux Ain’t Broke But Here’s Five Ways to Fix It,” in which he lists five areas that could use some help and his suggestions for “fixing them.” Included in his list are no big surprises: virtualization, graphics, games, point-of-sale, and education. Certainly our members have lots of opinions about that last one, as evidenced by the nearly 300 comments on the topic of open source in schools in one of Jack’s recent posts.

Linux advocates are always looking for the best ways for Linux to compete with Microsoft and Apple. This week, Jack Wallen also takes a look at a “feature” in Linux that is both boon and bane to Linux adoption — the unbounded diversity that it offers.

With this in mind, if you had to pick just one area that Linux could improve on and get the most bang for the buck, so to speak, what would it be? What would really get people’s attention or persuade someone to take a closer look at migrating to Linux?

Take the poll and let us know your reasons for making the choice that you did.