It’s time to do some housecleaning in the old TechRepublic forums, and I’d like to turn to some of you folks for advice on which hoary old tangent-thread(s) most deserve the axe. It’s a poorly kept secret that some of TechRepublic’s most-posted-to discussion threads have nothing to do with tech, and don’t exactly help with our Google keyword indexing. We let these kind of discussions go (while supressing them from our newsletters and door promotions) because we understand a certain niche audience likes them, and they don’t do any lasting harm. However, a number of these little chestnuts have long since stopped getting regular posts, but occasionally flare up and drag on the database a little bit whilst newcomers clog their browsers loading thousand-post threads. They had their day, the users got to roil about over politics and religion, but there’s no viable business reason to keep them around anymore. So, to help prune the DB and stir up a little bloodsport, I’m going to let my readership descide which of these ancient and unflattering off-topic threads gets deleted, and then probably repeat the exercise every month or so (or whenever I’m short of blog ideas).

Thus, without further ado, our Top Ten Most Unnecessary Discussion Threads:

  1. The Evolution lie (2657 posts, last modified 2006-07-19)
  2. Why I am voting for George W Bush (1834 posts, last modified 2005-04-28)
  3. Does religion do more harm than good? (894 posts, last modified 2006-04-22)
  4. The authenticity of the Christian Scriptures (813 posts, last modified 2005-08-18)
  5. What the religious right won’t accept : Moral Values Without Religion! (671 posts, 2006-03-02)
  6. Israel’s right to defend herself (592 posts, last modified 2006-08-11)
  7. Have I converted ANY of the TR “global warming” alarmists? (588 posts, last modified 2006-09-28)
  8. Ban abortion & impose death sentences for rape & incest (585 posts, last modified 2006-04-21)
  9. What gives you the “right”? (550 posts, last modified 2005-02-24)
  10. STOLEN HONOR – Unfit for Command – John Kerry’s Betrayal (547 posts, last modified 2005-05-05)

Collectively, these threads account for about two percent of all posts ever made on TechRepublic, and getting this gunk cleaned out will help on a number of levels. WHich off these is teh first to get the axe is up to all of you, so vote in this poll!