We asked the TechRepublic audience which PC vendors make the least reliable laptops and we got a huge response. Of course, the natural follow-up is for us to ask which PC vendor makes the most reliable laptops. That’s the subject of today’s poll.

You might rightfully ask, “Why do we need a second poll? The most reliable are the ones that got the fewest votes in the first poll.”

We understand that logic, but there’s a couple reasons why we need to run this second poll. First, because we’re journalists we have to assume nothing and ask the obvious questions, even when they are, well, obvious. Second, I suspect that the results of this second poll will not turn out to be the exact inverse of the first poll, because several of the vendors that we’re asking about tend to get the most attention (and votes), no matter what the topic is.

So let’s prove that theory right or wrong. Answer the question and then jump in the discussion below to explain why you voted the way that you did.

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