For the past few weeks, TechRepublic members have been discussing the pros and cons and ins and outs, of Microsoft Office 2013. Many are perplexed by the subscription model Microsoft is trying so hard to get us to accept. Some are concerned about the security implications of a cloud-enabled productivity suite, while others still lament over the continued prominence of the ribbon interface.

However, there are many who have adopted Office 2013 wholeheartedly and cannot understand the vitriol exhibited by TechRepublic members when debating Microsoft’s latest productivity suite.

All of this back and forth makes choosing whether to deploy Office 2013, Office 365, or stick with your current version a difficult task.

Current version

It is that last choice that we want to get at with the following polls. Which version of Microsoft Office is most prominent in your organization? I am sure there are several versions of Office installed within many organizations, but we are looking to find out which version is the most prevalent at this moment in time.

And which version does your organization plan to acquire next? Are you skipping just one version or several? Does the new licensing scheme for Office 2013 change your intentions?

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