For those who haven’t been keeping track, The Dark Knight is probably the most successful movie of the summer (as predicted). Thus, like all successful movies, it’s required to have a sequel. Therefore, the question becomes: Who should be the villain(s) in the next Batman film?

There are lots of rumors and opinions out there on the subject. You could call it the great nerd debate of summer 2008. For example, the bright guys at Geeks of Doom come down quite solidly in the Catwoman and Poison Ivy camp, while acknowledging that Two Face would be the preference of the fans. They also cite rumors of Angelina Jolie portraying Catwoman, which would be… ahem… intriguing.

So far as actual comic book writers are concerned, MTV’s SplashPage blog says Catwoman is the most thematically appropriate villain.

io9 cites sources that directly debunk these rumors, kiboshing Catwoman and The Penguin altogether. Fanning more scuttlebutt flames, Geeks of Doom also cites sources that claim Philip Seymour Hoffman will portray the Penguin and Johnny Depp will show up as The Riddler. They also list five villains we won’t be seeing in the next Batfilm, despite the imminent coolness of said bad guys.

Newsarama makes a case for a rematch with The Joker set in the distant future, a la Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

Over at The Written Weird, I pitch how I’d ramp up The Riddler as Batman’s next villain, with a dash of The Penguin and perhaps even Catwoman, if the studio requires it.

But enough about what other people think. Who do you want to see tussle with the Caped Crusader in the next Batfilm? Vote below, then back up you selection in the comments section. This is clearly a subject worthy of debate.