TechRepublic member mgihouse suggested this week’s poll question for the Windows Blog. If the results of the survey earlier this week, “74% of Work PCs Still Run XP, and They’re 4.4 Years Old,” are to be believed, there are going to have to be some major information technology spending taking place very soon. And since all new PCs on the market are 64-bit capable, will you deploy that version of Microsoft Windows 7?

My perception is that the ability of 64-bit machines to access memory levels past 4GB makes them very appealing. However, there is always the sticky problem of legacy applications, which may not run properly in a 64-bit environment. So some choices have to be made and the pros and cons have to be weighed.

Take the poll and then share with us the thinking behind your answer. What factors played into the decision? Was there pressure from upper management one way or another — or do they even know what we are talking about? How dynamic is the situation in your organization?

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