There is plenty of information coming out of Google’s 2012 I/O conference; so much in fact, it is difficult to keep up with the blog posts on ZDNet and CNET. However, one announcement did catch my eye – the release of a new feature for Google + called Events.

To check out the new Google+ Events feature, log in to Google + and look down the list of icons on the left, one should say Events. (Figure A)

Figure A

Note the Events icon

The next page (Figure B) presents you with the opportunity to create a new event using the Google+ Event tool.

Figure B

Create a new Event

Figure C shows the screen where you can set the parameters of your Event. This is where you decide whom to invite, set a time, determine a location, set an agenda, etc. The drop down box on the right allows you to set some additional options including specifying the Event as a Hangout if you so desire.

Figure C

Specify the parameters of your event

The Google+ Events feature seems to be a good way to organize an event – that is, assuming the people you intend to invite are Google+ users. If they are not, even your best organizing efforts may be wasted on at least some of your invitees.

So, that leads to the question at hand: Would you schedule an event with Google+ Events? Do you see benefits of this kind of online event collaboration tool? Do you see drawbacks?

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