ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley and Sumi Das talk about Microsoft’s latest announcements around its new OS, search, and mobile. Foley says Bing and Windows 7 are getting most of the press as of late, but it’s really Windows Mobile 7 that could cause the biggest stir when it launches next Spring.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Windows Mobile operating system. The interface is difficult to navigate with your finger, even with the recent updates, and the Web browsing experience is awful compared to the iPhone. But, I like the integrated support for Exchange and Office applications.

If the previews for Microsoft’s new mobile  OS show an improved browser and GUI, I may be tempted to hold off an iPhone purchase until the first Windows 7 device are released sometime in early 2010. If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone 3Gs, but not totally committed, would the possibility of a much-improved Windows Mobile OS make you reconsider?