It sounds simple enough: “provide an easy way to match mobile workers with available workspace, in real time.” This is the idea in a nutshell presented by LiquidSpace. But will the general mobile workforce embrace the idea of dynamic, on-demand office space?

In a Microsoft BizSpark press release, LiquidSpace founder Mark Gilbreath says this:

“LiquidSpace is designed to connect mobile and contemporary knowledge workers with the right workspace at the right time, while providing new mechanisms to leverage underutilized real estate assets,” says Gilbreath. “For workers, it means working how and where they want. For businesses, it means turning a fixed cost into a variable, and maybe even some extra revenue.”

The idea is intriguing, but being squarely in the “old school camp,” I am not sure I would embrace this idea if I was on the road. It seems to me that the mobile workforce is mobile enough, so there is really no need for traditional office space while out in the wild. But, since I am not on the road much myself, perhaps I am mistaken.

So I am asking for input from the TechRepublic membership: Does the dynamic office space concept appeal to you? Do you have extra office space that you can share with other mobile professionals?

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