Poor enterprise mobility connectivity costs companies $20k per worker, per year

One failure incident can lead to nearly 100 minutes in lost productivity, according to a new study by VDC Research.

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More than half of today's workforce relies on mobile solutions for daily job functions, according to a VDC Research study released on Thursday. The report, commissioned by SOTI, found that mobility has completely transformed business operations across industries, resulting in 1.7 billion workers utilizing mobile devices.

With mobility being so critical to business, any glitch or failure in execution can have a major impact on an organization, the report found. Even one dropped connection or poorly performing application can cost companies nearly $20,000 in annual support and productivity costs per worker each year, according to the report.

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The three top mobility investment drivers for organizations include improving worker productivity (36.4%), increasing sales/revenue (28.6%), and improving real-time decision making (27%), according to the report. Even though there are many reasons companies use mobile solutions, most aren't leveraging Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions fully, the report found.

"If organizations are not leveraging an integrated mobile approach to improve the visibility, management, and support of their business-critical mobility solutions, they are limiting their ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues which directly leads to losses in revenue," said Shash Anand, vice president of product strategy at SOTI, in a press release.

Other major challenges in worker mobility respondents reported included data and file security (46.5%), employee mobile training (40.8%), and interoperability with existing legacy systems (38.7%). The report also found some of the leading causes of mobile solution failure, which include network/connectivity issues (49.3%), software issues: Application (40.6%), and mobile battery failure (36.8%).

To minimize the impacts of business-critical mobility failure, the report recommends taking the following steps:

  • Securing devices (protecting data through encryption and passcode policies, locking down certain device features, auditing devices, etc.);
  • Managing mobile devices (asset and inventory management, updating and provisioning new policies, pushing out new configuration policies, etc.); and
  • Deploying mobile devices (activating devices, enrolling them in policies, authenticating users, configuring policies, provisioning apps, etc.).

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Mobility applications are so critical for businesses that one failure could cost a company nearly $20,000 per employee, per year. -- VDC Research, 2018
  • To minimize the impacts of mobility failure, companies should secure devices, manage mobile devices, and deploy mobile devices. -- VDC Research, 2018

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