Okay, we heard about the wonders of swag, but I found a gadget that I *wish* someone had given me as swag. It was at <shudder>Wal-Mart </shudder> but it completely fits the bill. By Philips, this is a retractable USB2 extender…but wait, there’s more! It also has attachments. The PM1247 kit includes an A/B adapter, A/mini 5-pin adapter, A/mini 4 pin adapter, and an A/mini flat 4 pin adapter). This allows me to connect my Palm Pilot (Zire 21) or my MP3 player (SanDisk 1GB), my fax/copier/printer, or my camera. One is currently not needed in my situation. It all comes in a nice drawsting carrying case. All this for only $9.98. Did I mention I was going on a cruise, so I am trying to pack lite?Philips PM1247 kit