Powerful, portable productivity in a pint-sized package: the Notebook 9 Pen

Samsung Electronics America's Alanna Cotton spoke to TechRepublic's Teena Maddox during SXSW and discussed the potentials of Samsung's Notebook 9 Pen.

Using Samsung's Notebook 9 Pen as a productivity tool

"We're really excited about our new device, the Notebook 9 Pen," said Alanna Cotton, "and what we love is that it the idea of productivity in a really portable and powerful form factor.

It's one of our first devices with an embedded S-Pen and our phone Note users say they love it, and that it's an indispensable tool of productivity and more creativity as well. It is a flexible form factor, with a 360 degree hinge, so you can move from taking notes in tablet mode to then converting to full-on PC with typing interaction as well.

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To leverage the S-Pen to take notes and to do work as intricate as designing within CAD, to make sure the last presentation is marked and can be sent back to your team. It a versatile device, and I can actually move throughout my day, no matter where I'm going, it travels very well.

At 2.2 pounds, it fits inside a purse, goes into another presentation, can be projected, and then I can take notes on the way. Frankly, I can easily send it to my team with the devices, within a matter of moments. It's really built for on the go."

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Alanna Cotton, SVP Product Marketing Wearables and Tablets, Samsung Electronics America
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