Your junior consultants may know which application development tool can produce active server pages, or how to utilize the advanced firewall techniques in iptables, but they might not know when it’s time to “go in for the kill” when they’re pitching to a client. Several months ago, we gave you the scoop on a seven-step sales process used by the top sales reps and consultants at deuxo, a supplier of software designed to help sales departments make the best use of leads.

Now we’ve made it easier for you to teach your staff of newbie consultants, or perhaps your sales team, this tried-and-true method. We’ve created a PowerPoint presentation with the salient points outlined and bundled it with two interviews with deuxo CEO Randy Kenworthy regarding this method. The first article outlines the sales process, and the second details Kenworthy’s thoughts on the three most common mistakes consultants make when selling services.

Deuxo’s sales process can help you:

  • Decide how long you should spend on a potential sale.
  • Define your client’s hierarchy of decision makers.
  • Ask questions that indicate whether you can close the deal.

Download the PowerPoint presentation and get your staff on the road to more robust sales today.

Why should you use a defined sales process?
A step-by-step sales process can act like a road map for your consultants and your sales force, giving you signals that let you know you’re moving in the right direction. Too often, for example, consultants become involved in a sale thinking that early signs of encouragements guarantee a done deal.

Deuxo’s process, on the other hand, has a “qualifying out” phase early in the sales cycle that identifies elements that will likely keep you from making the sale. Potential roadblocks that prospective clients might show include: the lack of an approved budget, no clear decision-making structure, and no incentive for the sale to progress.

To see more, download the presentation.

What are your sales “roadblocks”?

What challenges or roadblocks often keep you from getting contracts signed? Do you have your own sales plan that you would like to send our way? Send us an e-mail or post your comments below.