Working from the command line can be a lot more efficient for a network administrator in many cases than working from a GUI. By the time you point, click, drag, drop, and work your way through the levels of menus, you could type a half dozen commands.  

The problem is the Command Prompt in Windows has been pretty much unchanged since DOS launched 25 years ago. With every iteration of Windows, whether on the server side or the desktop side, Microsoft has buried the Command Prompt further and further from the end user – mostly to save them from themselves I’m sure. Additionally, the command set itself hasn’t changed, although the addition of VBScript has added to the power of what you can do.

Microsoft has finally done something about that by creating the PowerShell. The PowerShell is kind of like a C: prompt on steriods.  It runs with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and the next version of Windows Server, Longhorn. It’s also supposed to work with Vista, but people have reported problems with PowerShell and Vista.

Check out this video from MSDN about PowerShell. I’m going to download it and kick it around a little. I’ll let you know how it goes.