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There is almost always a “sharpen” option inside general photo editors, but I’ve found that the High Pass filter in Adobe Photoshop gives the best results for most of my photo sharpening tasks. The High Pass filter differs from standard sharpening because it focuses more on the edges of your image subject, not the overall image. This works great for portraits to bring out subtle details of your model, such as eyes and jawlines. It also works great for landscape images, which have lots of foliage detail to make the image pop.

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In this video, I walk you through using the High Pass filter in Photoshop. Try it on some of your favorite images and share them with me on Instagram or Twitter. I look forward to seeing your results after using the High Pass filter.

Note: If you don’t have Photoshop, you can get it for a $9.99 monthly subscription as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud photography package. The subscription also includes the Adobe Lightroom and Portfolio apps.

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