In an interview with ZDNet, Daphne Jones, GE Healthcare CIO, said that making hospitals run even one percent more efficiently could save the industry $63 billion dollars. And she believes GE’s data analytics platform, called Predix Cloud, can accomplish this goal by gathering and helping healthcare providers analyze data from devices like MRI machines and CT scanners. “Once they’re connected and the sensors are attached to (the machines),the Predix Cloud allows for the analysis of all that data,” says Jones.

In an interview with TechRepublic, Jones gave examples of how that data analysis can improve efficiency. Here are a couple of them:

First is reducing unplanned downtime of machines. Data from Predix Cloud can be analyzed to help technicians understand what makes devices fail. “We can now spot those preexisting conditions and then you can proactively do online diagnosis, online fix or online preventive fix or on-site fix, so you can dispatch the engineer to fix this device before it’s even known that it’s going to have a problem,” says Jones. “So we’re able to with the cloud, see what can’t be seen, we know what is not knowable because the machines are talking to us all the time and it’s through the cloud that we’re able to analyze that.”

Using data from devices can also help with staff scheduling. “We’ve found that in some hospitals, that 80% of their tests happen between a short window of time,” says Jones. “So you’ve got this bell curve and the outliers so you can adjust your staffing accordingly and not have as many staff here and not have as many staff here but then you can have more staff here.”

When asked about security, Jones insisted that patient data is safe inside the cloud: “Even though our software is an open platform, it’s really in a gated community. So you have to be part of the community, if you will, of that ecosystem that is going to even be in our cloud in the first place.”

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