In a recent study conducted by Canadian researchers, cyberbullies are accused of forcing females to undress and take incriminating pictures and videos of themselves, which the cyberbullies then post online. Check out the news story: “Cyberbullies scare schoolgirls into stripping online.”

According to Faye Mishna, a professor at the University of Toronto, “They’re pressuring each other. This (pressure) is particularly for girls to send pictures of themselves with their tops off. [Sonja’s side note: And this is something new? PUH-LEEZE!] Girls might send (a photograph) to their boyfriend (after being convinced that only he will see it). So she gives in, and the next thing you know, it’s all over (the place). The images are even more likely to be passed on if the couple breaks up.” [Sonja’s side note: DUH!!!]      

What’s so different about cyberbullies? Mishna explains, “Traditional bullying is a power differential. (Bullying) power before could have been age, size, smartness, popularity, ability. Now it’s the perceived anonymous nature (of posting potentially damaging information online). We’d like to find out how anonymous it really is.”  

This is truly one of the most ridiculous studies I have ever heard of. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think I lack common sense. If you take a nude photo of yourself and send it in an e-mail to someone, you’re just asking for trouble. I don’t care how much someone begs and manipulates, this particular woman actually has a will! If you agree that this study is stupid, don’t blame me… blame Canada.