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While you’re in the midst of working on a draft, you may
need to print the Word document. However, what if your document contains
portions of sensitive data or various notes that haven’t been polished into
their final version yet?

Rather than deleting the text you don’t want printed, you
can simply hide the text. To do so, select the text and press [Ctrl][Shift][H]. This will prevent the selected text from being
printed or displayed on the screen.

When the time comes when you need to print the hidden text,
follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    Tools | Options.
  2. Click
    the Print tab, select the Hidden Text checkbox and click OK.
  3. Print
    your document in the usual manner.

To unhide the text, make it visible on the screen by
clicking the Show/Hide button, selecting the hidden text, and simply pressing [Ctrl][Shift][H] once again.