The behavior of Microsoft Excel with regard to URLs entered into a cell is to automatically create a clickable hyperlink.
However, circumstances may arise in which you want to disable that feature.
Preventing the automatic creation of hyperlinks can be accomplished in three
dramatically different ways.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 291209

Additional information and explanation for these solutions
can be found at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 291209.

Solution 1

Since Excel 2000, the automatic creation of hyperlinks can
be disabled by reconfiguring the AutoCorrect settings. Here is the procedure:

  • Navigate
    to Tools | AutoCorrect options in the Excel menu.
  • Click
    the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  • Under Replace
    As You Type, uncheck Internet And Network Paths With Hyperlinks.

In Excel 2003, you will also be given the option of turning
off this AutoCorrect feature with the action dialog that appears after entering
the first URL.

Solution 2

Entering URLs into a cell as a label will also prevent the
automatic creation of a hyperlink in Excel. A label is indicated by preceding
the cell entry with an apostrophe. For example, enter a URL as:

  • ‘

Solution 3

This solution is much more involved then the previous two
and uses VBA code. It is a good example of how program-level event handlers in
VBA can be used to dynamically change how Excel behaves toward entered data.
While this method will certainly disable the automatic creation of hyperlinks
in Excel, it may be a little over-the-top for most situations. However, if you
need to systematically disable the automatic creation of hyperlinks for some
reason, this is probably the best way to ensure it.

The VBA code is taken directly from the Microsoft Knowledge
Base, Article 291209.

  1. Start
    a new worksheet and start the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor (press
  2. Insert
    this VBA code into that
  3. Switch
    to the Project Explorer window and click This Workbook.
  4. Insert
    this VBA code into that
  5. Save
    the file.
  6. Run
    the macro.

Once the macro is run, the automatic creation of hyperlinks
is disabled. You can place this macro in the Excel startup folder if you want
it to run every time Excel is started.