In an Access Single Record
Form window, the record selector is the gray bar to the left of a record. By
selecting the gray bar, the user can print, copy, or delete that particular
record. However, you may not want your users to do any of these operations.

For example, say you have an
application designed to restrict users to only view the records—not change or
delete them. In this case, you will need to delete the record selector from
view. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the form in Design view.
  2. Double-click the Form Selector button.
  3. In the Form properties sheet, under the Format
    tab, click in the Record Selectors property and select No from the
    drop-down list.

You can still have users
print or copy a record—simply add a command button to the form that allows them
to do the functions allowed by your application.

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