There are two new Star Wars movies on the horizon: Not sequels or prequels to the existing Star Wars franchise, but films about the Star Wars franchise — and its effect on a few passionate individuals whose lives George Lucas forever impacted (for better or worse).

Even the most jaded Star Wars fans (including me) still must admit that the first time we encountered the galaxy far far away, something changed, and a whole new world of imagination and possibility opened before us. This fact alone unites most Star Wars devotees — the realization that our wacky techno-fantasy dreams of a better world were shared by other people, and we could all unite around the cultural touchstone of a great kick-butt science-fantasy movie.

For some people, the release of Star Wars was a life-changing event. Such is the basis of 5-25-77, as previewed above. A small-town midwestern dreamer finds hope, validation, and inspiration from the film that would eventually be called A New Hope, with bittersweet Freaks & Geeks-style dramedy (starring members of the Freaks & Geeks cast) setting the tone.

We now segue with a quote from ubergeek comedian Patton Oswalt: “The [Star Wars] prequels are like offering someone ice cream, then giving them a bag of rock salt and saying, ‘Eventually, you can turn this into ice cream.’ Star Wars is ice cream. Don’t give us rock salt.”

Now, none of us knew that before Episode I came out, and thus it was the most anticipated movie in history. This anticipation, in turn, is the plot of Fanboys, which centers around a group of geeks determined to see Episode I before the movie opens to the public — by stealing a print from Skywalker Ranch. It’s a goofball road trip comedy with lightsaber-dorks bumbling cross-country, scoring chicks, and warring with Trekkies along the way. The preview makes me grin every time I watch it. May the Force be with you.