You already have an Android smartphone, and you just purchased a tablet. There are some smartphone apps that you also want to have on your tablet, but you don’t want to spend unnecessary time searching the Google Play Store for them. So, what do you do? If you’ve associated your new device to your existing Google account (the same one used for your smartphone), the process is quite simple… once you know where to look.

There are actually two ways to do this. The first requires both devices be enabled for Near Field Communication (NFC). With an app open, touch the two devices together and the receiving device will open the Google Play Store page for that app. Tap Install and Accept, and the app will soon be available on both devices.

If you don’t have NFC available on both devices, or you don’t want to to have to go through the process of “beaming” every one of your apps, there’s a much easier method. This process will differ slightly, depending up on the version of Android you have installed on your device. However, most smartphones and tablets with version 4.0 and newer will be the same.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Tap the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner (Figure A) to reveal the Google Play Store side bar
    Figure A
  3. Tap My apps to open up a listing of all the apps you’ve installed from your Google Play Account (this will include apps from across all devices, past and present)
  4. Tap on the All tab and scroll through the listing of apps (Figure B) until you find the one you wish to install. Tap that app, select Install, and click Accept.
    Figure B

That’s it! You can continue searching through the listing as the app installs. This is as close to a batch install method as you’ll find out-of-the-box.

Have you found an easier method of “batch installing” apps on an Android device? If so, share your expertise in the discussion thread below.