There are reasons why you might want to go to one phone or another. Some love the size of the Moto X, some prefer the sound of the HTC M8. But if you’re a fan of ease of use, the LG G3 might be your device. One stand out feature of the G3 is how easy it is to send batch SMS messages and emails.

But why do you need to batch send email and messages? Perhaps you need to quickly send a message to all field technicians or everyone in your department — a quick batch text will make that job easy. Or maybe there’s something of immediate importance you need to send to all of your family members. Either way, the LG G3 has you covered.

Let me show you how easy it is to do this.

First, open the dialer app. You can do this from any of your tabs (Recent, Contacts, Favorites, Groups). The contacts you have to choose from will depend on which tab you are viewing. In other words, if you’re in your Favorites tab, you can only batch send to your favorites. If you’re in the Contacts tab, you can batch send to any contact on your device.

So, tap on the Contacts tab, and then tap the menu button in the upper right corner (Figure A).

Figure A

Contacts on a Verizon-branded LG G3.

To send a batch text, tap Send message. Now, from the contact listing, check off all contacts that you want to receive the message (Figure B).

Figure B

Selecting contacts for the batch message.

Tap Done, type your text in the message window, and then tap the Send button.

That’s it! You can also follow the same steps to send a batch email (only you tap Send Email from the menu).

The LG G3 makes most tasks incredibly simple. Have you found your device to be equally as easy? If so, which device are you using, and what makes it so efficient? Let us know in the discussion thread below.