Pro tip: Connect Mavericks Maps to iOS

Mavericks' Maps application makes it easy to preconfigure turn-by-turn directions and forward navigation information to iOS devices.

Mavericks Maps

Maps enables the configuration of turn-by-turn directions, which can be sent to and stored on iOS devices even before a business trip commences.

Business travel is now a little easier, thanks to Maverick's Maps application. When you need to locate a new client's address, discover a new meeting spot, or navigate to an unfamiliar site in a new city, just enter a destination address within the search box, then click the Directions button from the Maps' toolbar.

Maps will locate the destination and provide a Start box in which to enter the address where travel will begin. Alternatively, users can simply choose the default origination point: the current location. Once the starting location is set, simply click the Directions button and Maps will calculate the best route.

Maps also presents two route options. Clicking the car icon determines a driving route. Clicking the walk icon prompts Maps to prepare waking directions. In both cases, Maps lists the suggested route, turn-by-turn directions, trip distance, and estimated travel time. Maps will also alert travelers to potential tolls, ferry service, and other travel requirements.

Once a trip's starting location and destination are entered and the route is calculated, users can forward the turn-by-turn driving directions using several methods, including email and Messages. To make a selection, click the share icon or select Share from Maps' File menu. Select the preferred share option, and send the traveling directions to the specified iOS device.

When choosing to forward driving directions via email, Maps forwards them as an attached PDF file. The PDF includes graphic maps that highlight the prescribed route and turn-by-turn directions. The email message also includes a hot link that opens the trip instructions within the Maps application on an iOS device.

When sending a map and driving directions using Messages, Mavericks leverages the Messages account enabled on the Mac to send a text to an iOS device when the iOS device's number is entered within the To field. The text message includes a graphical map, as well as the driving directions, which opens in Maps on the iOS device.

Maps information can also be shared using AirDrop, Twitter, and Facebook. As of this writing, AirDrop does not, however, enable forwarding Maps and driving directions between OS X Mavericks and an iOS device.

Because meeting sites, restaurants, convention centers, hotels, coffee shops, and similar destinations can be plotted in advance, including from a destination hotel, client office, and even rental car facility, business travelers can prepare travel plans in advance. Researching and preparing travel routes before leaving on a trip can save time, reduce anxiety, and even free mobile professionals to be able to spend more time meeting clients and performing operations tasks when traveling.

Do you use Maps on Mavericks and share that information to your iOS device(s)? Let us know in the discussion thread below.