How to create and customize a slideshow in the iOS 9 Photos app

Learn how to create a slideshow in the iOS 9 Photos app, and then customize it and enable AirPlay for the slideshow.

Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

Creating slideshows in the Photos app in iOS has been a great way to show off photos while on-the-go or if you want to use photos on your device as part of a presentation with an Apple TV. With iOS 9, Apple has added a new themes and slideshow options. Here's how to use these features.

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Create a slideshow with the Photos app

  1. Open the Photos app and navigate to a set of photos you'd like to add to the slideshow.
  2. Tap the Select button and begin selecting the photos you'd like to include in the slideshow.
  3. Tap the Share button in the toolbar.
  4. Tap the Slideshow option (Figure A).

Figure A

Tap the Slideshow option to start a slideshow with the selected photos.
Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

You will immediately see the slideshow begin to play (Figure B). You can rotate your iOS device to portrait or landscape modes, and the slideshow will adapt to your device's current orientation.

Figure B

The slideshow will adjust to fit the orientation your device is currently rotated into.
Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

Customize the slideshow

If you wish to select a different theme, background music, or adjust the speed of the photos in the slideshow, single-tap on the playing slideshow and select the Options button (Figure C). You can choose: a new theme (the type of theme controls how the photos are positioned and shown in the slideshow), the music (or select No Music), whether the slideshow will repeat once it reaches the end of the selected photos, and the speed of the photos.

Figure C

Choose a new option to re-configure the playing slideshow.
Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

Enable AirPlay for the slideshow

If you want to play your slideshow on the big screen such as an Apple TV connected to a larger display, you can easily do this by enabling AirPlay in the Control Center.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, select AirPlay, and select your favorite AirPlay device before playing the slideshow; now when it starts a slideshow, it will use AirPlay to display the slideshow. Or, start up AirPlay during a slideshow already in progress by single-tapping the slideshow and pressing the AirPlay button to select an AirPlay device.

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