How to easily create Stories in the new Google Photos

Jack Wallen walks you through the steps to create Google Photo Stories so you can highlight moments in your personal or business life.


Google Photos has undergone significant changes over the year. Now that the service has been extracted from Google+, it is a powerful, stand-alone app that offers some really great features. One of those features has been around for a while, but it's often overlooked. That feature is Stories.

You may be asking yourself, "What good are Google Photo Stories to a business?" The answer to that question is simple: Stories allow you to quickly piece together a timeline of photos that can help to tell your company's story. Say, for example, you want to show the growth of your company or the evolution of your data center, and you want to do so in picture form. Google Photo Stories is just want you want to use for the task. Not only are they easier than creating a presentation, they look much better and are easier to navigate.

But how do you do this on the Android platform now that Photos is its own app? Let me walk you through the process.

Before you start, make sure you have the photos you want to use uploaded to Google Photos on your Drive account (you can't just select photos from Google Drive folders from the Android app). Once the photos are present, you're ready to go. Here's how to create that story:

  1. Open up the Google Photos app
  2. From the main window (Figure A), tap the plus sign [+]
    Figure A
    Figure A
  3. Tap Story from the pop-up menu
  4. Scroll through your photo collection and tap to select the photos (these photos must be within a 31-day range) that will be a part of the story (Figure B)
    Figure B
    Figure B
  5. Tap CREATE in the upper right corner
  6. Give Photos a moment to create the story
  7. When the story opens, tap the large type font (Figure C) to change the title (the default title will be listed as the period the story was created--in my case, Monday Morning)
    Figure C
    Figure C
  8. Enter the new title for the story
  9. Tap Save

That's it. The story has been created. You can now share the story (via the Android built-in share method), or you can use a laptop, desktop, or even Chromecast to present the story to a large audience.

Note: The one thing you can't do is edit a story once it's been created. So, if you forget to add images to a story, you must delete it and start over. To delete a story, open it up, tap the menu button, and tap Delete.

Once the story has been created, you can slide the screen to the left and manually walk through the story and even add a description for each image (Figure D).

Figure D

Figure D
Adding a description to a story image.

Google Photo Stories are a great way to present a related group of images. No matter if you want to share photos of your vacation or the evolution of your business, Google Photos makes this easy.

Have you tried Google Photos? If so, what's your take? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.

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