Pro tip: Fix Android data sync issues

Data sync issues on your Android device? Jack Wallen walks you through a quick solution.

Data sync

For the most part, Android just works. But unlike the competition, when it doesn't work, you won't have to visit a "Genius" to get it fixed. Instead, Android allows you to be a genius and solve your own problems.

One such issue is a loss of data sync. This can be in the form of your calendar or contacts not syncing or even your Gmail. When that happens, what do you do -- toss your phone to the ground in a raging tantrum? You could. You could also drown the device in a bucket of your own tears. But neither would solve the problem. So, let's fix this issue.

Believe it or not, solving the sync issue can come in one of two forms -- a quick, easy fix or a less quick, but still easy fix.

How to fix an Android data sync issue

Let's go with the quick fix first.

What you have to do is turn off Mobile Data, wait a moment, and turn it back on. To do this, first make sure you're on a wireless network and follow these steps:

  1. Open up settings
  2. Locate the Mobile Data entry
  3. Tap the ON/OFF switch to disable
  4. Wait about 30 to 60 seconds
  5. Tap the ON/OFF switch to enable

That's it. Hopefully, you should see data start appearing. If, however, that doesn't work, the next choice isn't quite as quick -- but it's just as easy. What you have to do is delete your Gmail account and re-add it. It sounds crazy, but fortunately, this is all very much cloud-based, so you won't lose data. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open up Settings
  2. Go to Accounts
  3. Locate and tap your Google Account
  4. Tap the menu button
  5. Tap Remove account
  6. Tap OK

Once it's removed, you have to re-add the account. Just tap Add account, tap Google, and go through the account wizard. Once the account is re-added, your sync problems should go away.

That's it! Your syncing issues should be resolved.