The Nest is one of the most elegant and flexible solutions that you’ll ever find for controlling your home or business HVAC. One of the reasons it’s so flexible is the Android app. With this app, you can control most every aspect of your Nest. One such element is scheduling.

Say, for instance, you’re on a business trip, and you discover your stay has been extended. Because of that, you need to modify the schedule of your Nest. With your Nest app, you can do that. I’ll show you how.

Note: I’ll assume that you already have your Nest set up, plus the app installed and connected to the necessary Nest thermostat.

Let’s walk through the process of adding to your thermostat schedule. Here’s how you get to the scheduler:

  1. From the Nest app main window (Figure A), tap the temperature circle
    Figure A
  2. From the thermostat screen, tap the menu button in the top right
  3. Tap Schedule in the sidebar (Figure B)
    Figure B

Your phone should be forced into landscape mode, where you can now interact with the Nest scheduler (Figure C).

Figure C

The Nest thermostat scheduler.

To add a schedule, do the following:

  1. Tap on a day
  2. Tap Add
  3. Tap anywhere on the grid (Figure D)
    Figure D
  4. Tap and hold the new schedule circle (Figure E) and move it right to left (to change the time) or up and down (to change the temperature)
    Figure E
  5. When the schedule is set, release your finger
  6. Add a new schedule or tap the X when complete

Once you’re done, close the app. The schedule is now set and will sync with your Nest.

Managing your Nest schedule is quite simple and, thanks to the app, can be done from anywhere. Install the Nest app and see if controlling the environment of your home or business isn’t exponentially easier.

Have you evolved your home or business to smart controls? If so, which ones do you use? If not, why not?