How to manage your Google Now cards history with ease

If your Google Now cards aren't functioning properly or you're paranoid about mobile security, Jack Wallen shows how simple it is to delete your Google Now cards history.

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Google Now is always collecting data and presenting it to you in an easy to consume fashion. The amount of data can get surprisingly overwhelming, and managing the history isn't exactly as easy as you'd like. The amount of data can also cause issues with the presenting of cards on your Android device, and you might want to delete some or even all of your history to make managing it on your smartphone less of a hassle.

Delete some of your Google Now cards history

If you tap to view your card history by going to Now | Settings | Now cards, you will be prompted to open the page in a web browser. Instead of bothering with that, just point your desktop (laptop or mobile) browser to From that page, you can view your entire Google Now cards history and delete what you want (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure A
Image: Jack Wallen
Deleting some of the Google Now card history from within Firefox.

You can either delete an entire days worth of cards, or you can delete cards by time stamp.

From the History main page, you can also do a search by date. To do this, click the Calendar icon and then select the date from the popup calendar. Once you click the date you want to select, you will be transported to the listing of cards served.

It is also possible to search for cards; however, the History doesn't display the information from individual cards (it'll only show you if a card was a "directions" card, an "updates" card, a "Nearby events" card, etc.), so the search isn't all that helpful.

Delete your entire Google Now cards history

There are two main reasons why you might want to delete your entire Google Now cards history:

  • You are concerned about security; and/or
  • Google Now cards aren't functioning properly.

Follow these steps to delete the entire history.

  1. Log in to your Google account in the browser being used.
  2. Go to the History page.
  3. Click the Menu button (three vertical dots).
  4. Click Delete Options.
  5. In the popup window, select Advanced (Figure B).
  6. Select All Time.
  7. When prompted, click DELETE.

Figure B

Figure B
Image: Jack Wallen
Deleting your entire Google Now cards history.

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