Pro tip: Migrate iPhone data to your new Android device

Migrating photos, music, contacts, and calendars from your old iPhone to your new Android device is easy. Jack Wallen explains how.

iOS to Android

So, you've finally decided to jump the Apple ship and swim to what might possibly be the tropical paradise known as Android. You've either already purchased your first Android or are considering it. Either way, you're biggest concern is how to get data from one device to another. Let's jump right in and tackle photos, music, calendar, and contacts.

How to migrate from iPhone to Android

First, photos. This is the easy one. All you have to do is plug both your iPhone and your Android into your PC, locate the iPhone photo folder, and drag and drop the photos into Androids. You may have to switch USB connection (on the Android side) to Camera (PTP) in order for the photo folder to show up. Once you have both folders open, just drag and drop the photos from the iPhone to Android.

Music is a different beast because you have the dastardly iTunes in the way. The best way to handle this is to download the Google Music app and then point the app to your iTunes music folder on your PC. With this method, you can then stream your music to your Android device using the built-in Music app. If you don't want to stream, you can always drag and drop your music from your PC's music library folder onto your Android device.

The calendar is a bit trickier. What you have to do is export your calendar from iCal and then import it into Google Calendar. Once you've done that, it should sync with your Android device. If you have multiple calendars, you must export them one at a time, otherwise all those individual calendars will import into Google as one big lumpy mess.

Finally, contacts. In similar fashion to the calendar, all you have to do is export those contacts from the Apple Address book as a .csv file and then import them into your Google account.

Another, simpler way to get contacts and calendar from your iPhone to your Android device is to add your Google account on your iPhone and allow it to sync to Google. The only caveat to this is if you have two-step authentication on your Google account (which you should), you'll have to create an app password. I'll cover this in another video entry.

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