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How to use Cisco's UCS Director to automate the creation of a VLAN

This video tutorial on Cisco's UCS Director turnkey automation solution shows how to automate the creation of a VLAN within the network switches, VMware vCenter, and UCS Manager.

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UCS Director is Cisco's answer to orchestration and monitoring for the entire data center stack, from storage to guest operating system. It's pretty easy to install and is being touted as a turnkey automation solution.

But don't be fooled by the name — it actually manages way more than just Cisco UCS blade servers. UCS Director will work with Dell, HP, and EMC and NetApp Storage, as well as Cisco and Brocade storage switches, with more hardware being added all the time.

I really like this tool because it's a bit simpler than some of the other orchestration tools, and yet it still works with other tools that might offer a little more flexibility (even if they are more complicated). In the video tutorial below I give an example of automating the creation of a VLAN within the network switches, VMware vCenter, and UCS Manager.

These are the steps I follow in the video:

  1. Click Policies in UCS Director.
  2. Click Orchestration.
  3. Expand the site name.
  4. Double-click the Create A VLAN Workflow to see what it looks like.
  5. Click Execute Now to run the workflow.
  6. Specify VLAN and name, and then click Submit.
  7. Click the Administration tab.
  8. Click Service Requests to see the workflow progress.
  9. Check vCenter, switch, and UCS Manager to see that VLAN was created.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can do with UCS Director. I hope this demo gives you an idea of where to start with this solution.

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