And you think you’ve got a busy day. How’d you like to be the CIO responsible for processing 300 million transactions a day? This CIO Session video comes from ZDNet and discusses what Visa CIO Michael Dreyer has to do to keep Visa running smoothly.


Being a CIO in any organization means that you’ve got a lot to be responsible for. But few CIOs have to deal with the complexity and issues surrounding an IT infrastructure that does 300 million transactions per day and over $3 trillion in value per year. That’s how things go when you’re Michael Dreyer and you’re CIO for a company like Visa International.

In this video from ZDNet’s CIO Sessions series, ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das talks with him about developing transaction technologies for its financial payment network including new wallet-less and contact-less payment solutions. Dreyer also discusses what it takes to process all those transactions on a daily basis and the company’s response to the recent credit crisis rippling through the global economy.

How does your job differ?

Michael has a lot to worry about on a daily basis, but a lot of it is just because of the order of magnitude that Visa has to deal with. In the video he talks about having to schedule releases with partners, working within business units, and making sure that IT is helpful and not an “impediment” to business.

Some of the challenges he faces include:

  • Testing systems in lower processing times to make sure that they can handle peak loads
  • Deconstructing performace after the fact
  • Balancing reliability and security
  • Finding out trends in the industry and figuring out how to make them fit the business
  • Dealing with remote sites and mobile computing issues

Check the video and tell us how your job differs.