The Motorola Atrix 2 may be one of the most underrated smartphones on the market. It combines a lot of high-end features with a great price tag ($99 base price) and has the unique value proposition of Motorola Webtop for docking as a laptop or desktop. That’s why it’s our pick for Product of the Week in our inaugural episode of this new video show.

Learn which types of users can benefit from the Atrix 2, the pros and cons of the product, what it means for business and IT, and the information you should know about it the Atrix 2 that you won’t find in other reviews. Watch the first episode of this new weekly series. You can also find a quick summary below.

Who’s it for?

If you want to do everything possible with an Android smartphone, then the Motorola Atrix 2 is a strong candidate because of its mix of multimedia capabilities and business readiness. Its Webtop software lets you dock it into a laptop or desktop experience and surf the web with Firefox or connect to the corporate network using the Citrix client. The Lapdock can replace a tablet or netbook for some highly mobile users. This phone is also for power users who are looking for a bargin, since it starts at US$99.


  • Loaded with high-end features
  • Great price, starting at US$99
  • Thin but sturdy hardware with a nice feel
  • Motorola’s Webtop docking experience
  • HSPA+ capability (but don’t call it “4G”)


  • Webtop software still has performance issues
  • Its 4G is really “faux G”
  • Uninstallable AT&T apps (a.k.a. “crapware”)

Product of the week: Our approach

If you’re looking for a quick two-minute summary of a new consumer product, then this isn’t the series for you (check out CNET Reviews). This show will do a deep dive on a product and look at where and how it makes sense to use it for business. The format is highly conversational and each episode will be about 15-20 minutes. You’ll occasionally see an episode the week a product comes out — when we get early access to a product — but more often than not, the Product of the Week will be a product that has been on the market for at least a couple weeks so that we can get our hands on it and really use it before making a determination about it.

Since we’re just getting started, we’d like your feedback on this format. Does it work? What else would you like to see? What are you looking for in a thorough product review?