Professionals beware: Apple's iPhone XS has some serious connectivity problems

Some iPhone XS users have reported LTE and Wi-Fi speed and connectivity issues that could deter business users.

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Just a few short days after Apple's new iPhone XS hit store shelves, reports are coming in from disgruntled users about connectivity issues with the device. These issues affect both the speed and connectivity of Wi-Fi and LTE signals, as noted by multiple threads in MacRumors forums.

The first issue, as noted by our sister site ZDNet, had to do with the number of signal bars that users were experiencing on cellular data. FFC lab results cited on ZDNet seem to support the issue of poor connectivity on the iPhone XS.

While speaking with TechRepublic over the phone, Constellation Research founder Ray Wang said he had only four bars of service in an area of San Francisco where he normally has five. However, there is no clear answer to the problem.

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"Is it a measurement issue, or is it an issue with the chip?," Wang asked. "Is it because it's on an Intel chip now instead of a Qualcomm chip? That part is probably the more important question."

Other users, as cited by ZDNet, also posited that the chip might be responsible. However, Wang said, Apple will likely be able to fix this in a software update--probably in iOS 12.1. It will not prompt a recall.

The other issue has to do with Wi-Fi, specifically, some users' devices are connecting to 2.4 GHz instead of 5GHz by default. But, that's something you can manually override, Wang said. This might be happening to folks who didn't carry all of their settings over when they got a new phone.

The big question now, though, is should Apple fans wait to upgrade? If you work in emergency services, or other equally time- and connection-sensitive industries, you might want to consider waiting, Wang said. But, for most other users, it is still worth upgrading now as this won't affect daily life for most people.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Apple's iPhone XS is experiencing connectivity issues over Wi-Fi and LTE, with poor signal strength and bad connection.
  • Apple could likely fix some of these issues with a software update in iOS 12.1, according to industry analysts.

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