As Programming and Development Host Justin James noted in his year-in-review, this blog went through a few changes this year. One way to learn what works in this space is to see which posts were the most popular. Here are the top five for 2009.

10 tips to go from a beginner to an intermediate developer

Having trouble finding tips for beginner developers who want to take their career to the next level? Justin James aims to fill this information gap with his suggestions about how to make that leap.

Strategies for learning programming languages – what works and what doesn’t

Learning another programming language can be a great way to help take your development career to the next level. Justin James tells which techniques for learning programming languages have and have not worked for him.

Frustrated by a coworker’s use of old-school programming techniques

What do you do when a veteran developer isn’t open-minded about the benefits of modern programming techniques? Here’s advice for a reader who is dealing with this tough situation.

The current state and future of C++

Find out why Justin James thinks there is still great potential for C++ developers to do quite nicely for themselves.

Why did you try programming?

Programming isn’t something that people accidentally get into — it takes some sort of initial motivation to try it out. Let us know what lit your fire to give programming a whirl.

Please take Justin’s latest poll to let us know topics you want to see in the Programming and Development blog in 2010.

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