Microsoft releases AJAX Library preview 6 and AJAX Minifier

Microsoft announced the availability of another preview of the AJAX Library and its new AJAX Minifier. The new preview of the AJAX Library brings further refinements. The AJAX Minifier can be used to compress JavaScript files by removing unneeded whitespace, shortening variable names, and so on.

SpringSource announces Spring 3.0, tc Server

SpringSource released Spring 3.0, a major update to the hugely popular Spring framework for Java. In addition, SpringSource announced the availability of tc Server Developer Edition, which is based on Apache Tomcat and provides in-depth debugging insights for Spring applications.

See through Google’s eyes

Google has launched a new service that allows you to see your site the way Googlebot (Google’s Web page crawler) sees it. This is a great tool to find out how optimized your site is for search engines.

WPF and memory leaks

InfoQ has a summary of memory leak issues in WPF. You should definitely take a look if you are using WPF.

Wolfram|Alpha announces API details

Wolfram|Alpha has provided details on its API. While I love this move and I am already trying to think of ways to integrate Wolfram|Alpha into apps, the pricing is miserable, particularly for small developers and hobbyists. That being said, they are offering “pioneer grants” for startup companies and some developers to try out Wolfram|Alpha.

Oracle Fusion Apps not vaporware after all

Tony Baer has some details on the launch of Oracle’s Fusion Apps at the Oracle OpenWorld conference. Fusion Apps was supposed to have been here years ago; Oracle has been talking about it for a while and many suspected it was vaporware. I have never seen Oracle as a vendor for anything other than its RDBMS but that’s just based on my experience.

Brief introduction to F#

Microsoft’s Somasegar has a quick little introduction to F#. Why does he suddenly care about F#? Because it is shipping with Visual Studio 2010, as a full fledged member of .NET. This is really great news for the folks like me who like functional programming.

Eclipse DemoCamps occurring worldwide

Eclipse DemoCamps will be happening all over the world in November and December. This is a good opportunity to find out what’s new in the Eclipse world.

MonoSpace coming to Austin

MonoSpace, the Mono conference, will be held in Austin, TX on October 27th – 30th. Attendees will receive a $150 discount on MonoTouch, the Mono kit for the iPhone if they purchase it in October.

Carolina Code Camp was awesome!

I had a great time at the Carolina Code Camp. There were nearly 300 attendees. The Charlotte Enterprise Developers Guild deserves special mention for putting on an amazing event. Every attendee received a free book, and the books weren’t leftovers about VB6 or PHP4 either. The NCover folks gave away a license of NCover Complete to every attendee. I had the chance to catch up with some of my favorite folks from the South Carolina/North Carolina area, including Nick Harrison, Lou Vega, and Brian Hitney. I’m really looking forward to the next event! I’ve also heard a rumor of a Code Camp here in Columbia, SC, which I hope will become a reality.


Disclosure of Justin’s industry affiliations: Justin James has a contract with Spiceworks to write product buying guides. He is also under contract to OpenAmplify, which is owned by Hapax, to write a series of blogs, tutorials, and other articles.


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