Language/library updates

IronPython 2.6.1 released

IronPython 2.6.1 is finally released, with a pile of improvements and bug fixes.

CTP of SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0

The SQL Server team released the CTP of the next version of the SQL Server driver for PHP. This version has support for PHP Data Objects (PDO).

Tools and products

Expression Blend 4 RC gets new features

As Expression Blend 4 gets closer to release, the Release Candidate has picked up some features that the beta did not have.

Visual Studio 2008 can break by uninstalling Office 2007

By the time you read this, Office 2010 will be available to you. Unfortunately, if you upgraded or uninstalled Office 2007, there is a chance that the Web designer in Visual Studio 2008 will be broken. The Visual Web Developer Team blog has details on how to fix this.

15 Google development tools

Jacob Gube published a nice list of 15 tools that Google provides for developers.

Develop VoIP on BlackBerry

fg microtec released fgVoIP Engine, which lets BlackBerry developers to write apps that can use VoIP.

JetBrains updates tools

JetBrains released updates to IntelliJ, TeamCity, and ReSharper, all of which seem to be substantial upgrades.

Two uTest announcements

uTest has partnered with SOASTA to test your application while under heavy loads. In addition, uTest released uTest 3.0, with a long list of improvements. If you need to test an app, I suggest that you take a look at uTest.

Micro Focus has an intriguing performance tool

Micro Focus released SilkPerformer Diagnostics, a new tool for analyzing application performance. I think that this tool is especially interesting because it takes the ideas we’re seeing in the unit testing world, like automated, nightly testing, and applying them to performance tests so you can see how different builds stack up against each other. Adding performance testing into the continual integration process is definitely a worthwhile idea in my opinion.

HP announces new versions of app modernization tools

HP released HP Service Test Management 10.5 and HP Functional Testing 10.0. HP Service Test Management is a tool for coordinating between the development and QA teams. HP Functional Testing performs automated testing of applications.

Editorial and commentary

Funny comment about Java

Joe Marshall posted a funny quote: “Whenever I write code in Java I feel like I’m filling out endless forms in triplicate.” That’s how I felt too when I worked in Java, but to be fair, this is something that happens in a lot of languages, especially the OO ones. It’s really easy to get caught up in the infrastructural details and forget that applications actually do work.

Netflix sounds like an awesome place to work

Take a look at Netflix’s approach to hiring employees, teamwork, etc. If I was in the market for a job, I would see if they had an opening local to me.

Tips and tricks

Printing in Silverlight 4

David Poll has written a useful article to help you print from your Silverlight 4 apps.

Silverlight 4 training courses

Channel 9 has a set of training videos on Silverlight 4.

Parallel.ForEach vs. PLINQ

If you are looking at the Parallel Extensions in .NET 4, you may be wondering when to use PLINQ and when to use Parallel.ForEach. Pamela Vagata has written paper that might help you.

A few more Visual Studio 2010 debugger features

Scott Guthrie has written a good article that shows off some of the new debugging features in Visual Studio 2010 that have not been widely talked about.


.toolbox events teach Expression Blend and Silverlight

The .toolbox site is putting on events in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Austin in May to show how to work with Blend and Silverlight.

The Carolina Code Camp is May 15 in Charlotte

The Carolina Code Camp is returning to Charlotte, NC on May 15, 2010. I will be giving a presentation on Developing Your Career. In addition, I have either seen many of the other sessions, or know the presenters, and I can guarantee that you will learn a lot. The event is free. Last year there was an awesome book giveaway, too, and everyone got something.

Eclipse Banking Day

If you use Eclipse to work with financial applications, check out Eclipse Banking Day, an event being held on June 1, 2010 in Copenhagen.

Virtual Azure hands-on workshops

If you are interested in learning more about Azure, Microsoft is putting on a number of hands-on workshops over the Internet. One of the people involved is Brian Hitney, who is an excellent presenter.


Disclosure of Justin’s industry affiliations: Justin James has a contract with Spiceworks to write product buying guides; he has a contract with OpenAmplify, which is owned by Hapax, to write a series of blogs, tutorials, and articles; and he has a contract with OutSystems to write articles, sample code, etc.


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