Language/library updates

IronRuby 1.1.1

IronRuby 1.1.1 has been released. The big news here is that it has Visual Studio integration; it is also much more compatible with Ruby 1.9.2 and has a number of bug fixes. Hopefully, this is enough to reverse the backwards momentum on this project, which I consider critical for the health of the .NET ecosystem.

IronPython updates

IronPython released beta 1 of version 2.7, which includes a number of new features. IronPython also released version 2.6.2, which fixes a good number of bugs.

BlackBerry tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR

RIM released an SDK to allow Adobe AIR developers to work with their new tablets (aka the PlayBook).

Visual Studio Async CTP

Microsoft released a CTP of new APIs and language grammars to work with asynchronous patterns. It looks like it wraps functionality in the Parallel Extensions Framework to do it. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.


Microsoft released two new WCF APIs on CodePlex; one makes HTTP a more prominent player in the WCF stack to make it easier to work with REST, while the other is an API for jQuery.

Silverlight MVVM Light Toolkit

The MVVM Light Toolkit for Silverlight is designed to make it easy to write Silverlight apps based on the MVVM pattern.

Tools and products

BlackBerry App World opens up

RIM opened the doors to its App World storefront for BlackBerry apps. This can only be positive for BlackBerry developers, and it will hopefully bring in some much-needed competition to the mobile space.

Titanium+Commerce to provide mobile payment solutions

Appcelerator announced a partnership with PayPal to create the new Titanium+Commerce offering. This will allow developers to use a payment platform throughout their applications with a large range of payment options.

Free Azure for academic projects

Microsoft is making Azure available for free to academic institutions for up to two projects for three years.

Karmasphere partners with Teradata

Karmasphere and Teradata are working together to provide integrated tools for Big Data analysis.

Optimal Workshop bundles usability tools

Optimal Workshop is now bundling its usability tools to save you some money. I’ve tried the company’s tools, and I liked them.

Editorial and commentary

A new direction for Silverlight

ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft announced a shift in its Silverlight strategy. It looks like Microsoft is focusing Silverlight on the phone, and if you should use HTML 5 for in-browser stuff. It’s no surprise, since Flash is still the overwhelming in-browser choice. Microsoft is also dramatically slowing the pace of change in Silverlight, to which I say, “thank goodness.” (Related TechRepublic poll: Is the Silverlight stack too complex?)

Windows Phone 7 Ad Control is rather ugly

Brian Hitney has found that the Windows Phone 7 Ad Control puts up some fairly frightening privacy warnings to users when they install your app. It’s something to keep in mind when writing your Windows Phone 7 apps.

Tips and tricks

Excellent intro to Silverlight, written by a TR member

TechRepublic reader Terje Bergesen has written an excellent introduction on getting started using Web services in Silverlight. I will write an article in the near future in which I talk about my initial experiences with Silverlight + Windows Phone 7 development.

Windows Phone 7 Emulator + Fiddler

Brian Hitney has written a must-read article (for Windows Phone 7 developers, at least) about how to work with Fiddler to debug the HTTP traffic on your Windows Phone 7 apps.

Making REST Web Services in NetBeans

Jeff Rubinoff wrote a tutorial on how to write RESTful Web Services in the NetBeans IDE.

MVVM + RIA Services

John Papa posted his PDC slides showing how to combine the MVVM pattern with RIA Services.

Using the new .NET concurrent collections

Bill Wagner shows you how to write apps using the new concurrent collections in .NET’s Parallel Extensions.

Free eBook on moving to Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Press released a free eBook on how to migrate to Visual Studio 2010 from earlier versions.


Eclipse Embedded Day Spain

If you are doing embedded development in Eclipse, there will be an event on November 9 in Bizkaia, Spain just for you.


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