Language/library updates

JRuby 1.5 released

JRuby is now up to version 1.5, with a large number of improvements and fixes. JRuby has quickly filled the niche that IronRuby could have satisfied, and everyone I’ve talked to who uses it seems to like it.

WCF RIA Services 1.0, Silverlight Tools for VS 2010 released

Microsoft has released WCF RIA Services 1.0 and the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio. If you work with Silverlight, you’ll want to download them. toolkit for Google Wave has released a toolkit for building apps with Google Wave. Anyone who is interested in either platform should take a look.

Tools and products

NetBeans 6.9 RC

The Release Candidate for NetBeans 6.9 is now available, with a final release expected in June.

Mono Tools for Visual Studio 2.0 Beta 1

The first beta of Mono Tools for Visual Studio 2.0 has been released with a number of enhancements.

Titanium supports iPhone OS 4

Appcelerator’s Titanium development environment now supports iPhone OS 4.

Eclipse Helios RC2

The second Release Candidate for the next generation of Eclipse (“Helios”) is now available. cloud TCO calculator

If you’re thinking about doing some cloud development, has a new TCO calculator that might give you some insight into the cost aspects of the decision.

Tips and tricks

Scale down an Azure app

Brian Hitney has written an article about how to scale down an Azure app. This is useful when an application has a lot of wait time but can benefit from a parallel processing model and can reduce the size of the Azure package you need.

Add a Facebook “Like” button to a page

Search Engine Land posted a good article about how to add a Facebook “Like” button to pages. The author also offers recommendations about when and where to do it.

Roll a Silverlight app into an EXE

If you want to distribute a Silverlight app as a standalone executable, this article will show you how.

ASP.NET + jQuery basics

Matteo Slaviero at Simple-Talk has written an article about how to get started with using jQuery in ASP.NET applications.

Common ASP.NET problems

Scott Hanselman has posted a short but useful article summarizing common ASP.NET issues and their solutions.

More multithreaded debugging in Visual Studio 2010

Stephen Toub has a good piece showing some of the less well-known debugging items for multithreaded code in Visual Studio 2010.


Eclipse is looking for friends

If you want to help out Eclipse, consider becoming a “Friend of Helios.” They are looking for 360 folks to donate to them.

International Lisp Conference 2010

The International Lisp Conference for 2010 is coming to Reno, Nevada in October.


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