PHP 5.3.0 released

The big news of the week is the release of PHP 5.3.0. Namespaces and closures are just two of the new features included that help to bring PHP up to par with .NET, Ruby, and other contenders for the Web development crown.

Android development options expand again

Android developers can now use a variety of dynamic languages such as Python (and soon, Ruby) to write applications and scripts. This also means that users can write scripts to extend and customize their Android devices. It looks like Android is quickly shaping up to be just as developer friendly as the Windows Mobile platform, which is a stark contrast to the iPhone ecosystem.

iPhone 3.1 OS and SDK betas sent to developers

Speaking of the iPhone, developers are now receiving betas of the iPhone OS and SDK version 3.1.

VirtualBox 3.0 released

A few months ago, I discovered that a huge number of the readers here really love Sun’s VirtualBox. If you’re one of those readers, you’ll be glad to know that version 3 has just been released, with a huge swath of bug fixes and improvements.

How to control the HTML for ASP.NET controls

The ASP.NET team has a new piece of code that allows developers to define the HTML generated by ASP.NET controls. This is a major piece of “missing functionality,” and I am delighted to see this released.

Mono 2.4.2 released

Mono 2.4.2 has been released. The big news is that the ASP.NET MVC stack is included.

31 days of Silverlight tutorials

Jeff Blankenburg is releasing a new Silverlight tutorial every day for the month of July. If you are interested in learning more about Silverlight, it’s a great place to start.

Undo/Redo framework for .NET

Kirill Osenkov has put together a lightweight Undo/Redo framework for .NET. I haven’t used it, but it looks like it is pretty easy to work with this framework.


Disclosure of Justin’s industry affiliations: Justin James has a working arrangement with Microsoft to write an article for MSDN Magazine. He also has a contract with Spiceworks to write product buying guides.


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